Between Stars and Spirits 

Jesse Reno


October 1 - November 2

Jesse is a self-taught painter, muralist, educator and musician who has made more than 4,000 paintings, shown in 100+ galleries and has taught painting in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Australia. This prolific artist creates what he calls "neo-primitive" art in his Portland studio, where the public can drop in to experience Jesse's creative process.


Jesse Reno's Black Faun exhibition of abstract paintings is titled "Between Stars and Spirit." “The show title is kind of abstract,” Reno stated in a phone interview. “There are pieces that are unknown planets, places and environments. They look like they are made of candy, but really it is just anything good. With the work that I have been doing in the past six months, I am not seeking answers but the experience of seeking answers. I’m painting what I have found from all of the experiences with the painting. I paint layers and layers of images and what I come to is what is between stars and spirits. Through painting images and ideas over and over, I find relationships with these subjects. I’m never trying to dictate what they are, I’m trying to find out what they are.”


Jesse Reno’s work will be showing at the Black Faun Gallery alongside his friend and occasional collaborator, Eureka artist, Sheldon Skillie. Skillie’s work fuses abstract expressionism with the iconic art of the Haida people of British Columbia and Southeast Alaska. “I’ve always dreamed of doing a show with Sheldon,” Reno said. “Primitive art, and particularly Native American masks, influence my work and have been an inspiration since I visited a natural history museum as a kid. I became more directly influenced by Native art when I moved to Oregon and started collecting masks. Then I met Sheldon, who is a skater like me and also so connected to his culture. I want to show my work along side Native work because my work pays homage to that work. I seek in my work that ancient culture that we all were before we are what we are now.”

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